#AskAbs: How can I achieve my dreams without money or privilege?

This post is inspired by a quick conversation I had with one of my followers. If you have a question like this one, keep reading and if you have any questions at all, get in touch. The answer to your question may spark my next #AskAbs post… What wisdom might u have for someone who can’t achieve his dreams because of [lack of] finances and nationality? Hey, I’m not in your position so I don’t know the full story. But I think we can’t allow excuses like a lack of finances or our nationality to stop us from pursuing our dreams. … Continue reading #AskAbs: How can I achieve my dreams without money or privilege?

Indoor Competition 3 & 4: Spar British Champs & Muller Grand Prix (Birmingham) – Feb 2019

An update on my performances over the last two competitions (both in Birmingham), the challenges and the successes, and a tip that’ll help you re-frame your perception of your unique gifts to find more enjoyment in your work. Continue reading Indoor Competition 3 & 4: Spar British Champs & Muller Grand Prix (Birmingham) – Feb 2019

Inspired by Creativity Inc. Pixar

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull I’ve heard some people describe creativity as ‘unexpected connections between unrelated concepts or ideas.’ If that’s at all true, you have to be in a certain mindset to make those connections. So when I sense we’re getting nowhere, I just shut things down. We all go off to something else. Later, once the mood has shifted, I’ll attack the problem again.” (Location 2307) It’s okay to take a break, to go for a walk or move on to a different task. In fact, its positive effect is proven through scientific research and application in the … Continue reading Inspired by Creativity Inc. Pixar

Chatting with the MailMan

Just had a good little chat with my postman. For the first time. Ever. And, it made me reflect for just a moment that we probably don’t do that enough. Take time. Stop. Have a conversation with a … stranger? But he’s not… Apparently he’s been walking my route for about 18 years. I’ve lived there for just over half that time. And the longest conversation we’ve had before today was, ‘hi!’ and ‘bye.’ I’m glad I stopped for a minute or two. Because here’s what else I learned about good ‘ole Postman Stuart… He’s near retirement (I won’t share … Continue reading Chatting with the MailMan

A few words with… Andy Baker

A few words with Andy Baker – Longcroft School & Sixth-Form College, East Riding ‘People at an elite level need information that goes above and beyond, and that’s what you bring.’ I truly appreciate that feedback! Thanks, Andy! At the start of July, I caught up with the Deputy Head of Longcroft School & Sixth-Form College in Yorkshire, a school I visited in December 2016 supporting their high-achieving sixth-formers ahead of their A-Level exams that year. The immediate response from that half-day session still puts a smile on my face. Every student scored the session at least a 9 out … Continue reading A few words with… Andy Baker

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

I’ve not posted in a while – my last post being at the very start of September and my last one before that being at the start of August.  Apologies for those of you who care or follow my blog.  ‘Why have you been absent?’ You ask. To which I respond: What do I even write about now that people want to hear or read about? What do people care about? So I guess, first and foremost, I should type from the heart – speak about my passions. Because that’s what I *emphasis added on I* care about.  I am passionate … Continue reading Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.