The Travel Bug

I have the travel bug. There’s a world map on my bed with flags of varying colours. I want to travel. A lot. And I seem to want to do everything and go everywhere in the next 18 months to 2 years.

I don’t mean travel in the sense of the ‘travelling’ I’ve been doing the past ten years of my life – bouncing from country to country – one week Brasil, the next week South Africa. I mean travelling and exploring and experiencing and enjoying. 

As an athlete, I rarely have the pleasure of travelling for pure pleasure. It’s work travel. And work travel when you know you have to compete or train hard requires a high degree of focus. It requires that rather than journeying for 3-4 hours one-way (7-8 hour round-trip) in a car to visit the Grand Canyon, I sacrifice this experience for my body’s health. The reasoning was understandable: to avoid having my joints lock up and being unable to jump or move freely for days after. But the reality was much more painful – a lack of discovery. Knowing I was so close yet so far to one of the earth’s natural wonders yet didn’t see it (despite living in Phoenix, Arizona for 2 years) is something that saddens me.

Well, sacrifice no more!

I have the travel bug. I want to travel. A lot. And I want to do everything and go everywhere. Often.

Fancy taking the journey with me?

Where I’ve been…

The Gambia (October 2019)

Barcelona, Spain (August 2017)

Rome, Italy (September 2017)

Monte Gordo, Portugal (April 2017)

Budapest, Hungary (February 2017)

Chester, UK (September 2016)

Marbella (Spain) & Gibraltar – Costa del Sol (July/August 2016)

Where to next…

Aix-en-Provence, France

Barcelona, Spain

Abuja, Nigeria

Gold Coast, Australia


Las Vegas, Nevada

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Suggestions welcome!

Photo Credit: Yolanda Ambrose – Sunset in Dubai, Jan 2017