The Travel Bug

Photo Credit: Yolanda Ambrose – Sunset in Dubai, Jan 2017

I have the travel bug. There’s a world map on my bed with flags of varying colours. I want to travel. A lot. And I seem to want to do everything and go everywhere in the next 18 months to 2 years.

I don’t mean travel in the sense of the ‘travelling’ I’ve been doing the past ten years of my life – bouncing from country to country – one week Brasil, the next week South Africa. I mean travelling and exploring and experiencing and enjoying. 

As an athlete, I rarely have the pleasure of travelling for the pure pleasure. It’s work travel. And work travel when you know you have to compete or train hard requires a high degree of focus. It requires that rather than journeying for 3-4 hours one-way (7-8 hour round-trip) in a car to visit the Grand Canyon, I sacrifice this experience for my body’s health. The reasoning was understandable: to avoid having my joints lock up and being unable to jump or move freely for days after. But the reality was much more painful – a lack of discovery. Knowing I was so close yet so far to one of the earth’s natural wonders yet didn’t see it (despite living in Phoenix, Arizona for 2 years) is something that saddens me.

Well, sacrifice no more!

I have the travel bug. I want to travel. A lot. And I want to do everything and go everywhere. Always.

Fancy joining the journey with me?

Where I’ve been…

Budapest, Hungary

Chester, UK

Marbella (Spain) & Gibraltar – Costa del Sol

Where to next…

Aix-en-Provence, France

Barcelona, Spain

Abuja, Nigeria

Gold Coast, Australia


Las Vegas, Nevada

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Suggestions welcome!