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Best places to eat well in Barcelona!

Are you about to visit Barcelona or currently sat in your hotel or apartment wondering where to eat in Barcelona? Well, here’s a few ideas to inspire and satisfy you…

Carballeira, la Barcelonetta

Lunch or Dinner… You won’t have tasted as sublime, thin-sliced baked potatoes as these. The sea bass was not the best I have ever tasted (here is the best sea bass ever), but alongside these thinly-sliced potatoes and side salad (order this separately), you will not be disappointed. This meal coupled with their house white is a winning combination. You’re welcome!

La Carioca

For breakfast & brunch – if you’re gluten-free but still want a sweet pancake breakfast or some healthy natural juices & smoothies, give La Carioca a trial. I didn’t like the texture of my tapioca crepe with scrambled eggs, but my friend (who’s a local) enjoys it regularly but this time went for the sweet tapioca with caramel sauce & strawberries. It is a cute, quiet spot hidden in the back streets behind the beach so you’ll need Google maps to find it, I’d imagine! But at least for the mimosas, it’s worth it.

Baluard, la Barcelonetta,

Breakfast or sweet snack… Apparently there is always a queue out the door at whatever time of day you visit, but particularly in the peak morning rush. I didn’t quite believe it because, upon arrival I was one of three customers and we fit nicely in the small boulangerie. Yet, like me you’ll be surprised at this place’s popularity! Within less than a minute, a queue had formed outside the door. My friend, Anni was right…

L’Arros Arrosseria

Lunch or Dinner… L’arros arrosseria is apparently one of the best paella spots in Barcelona, which is surprising considering it is in a major tourist area. But even the Barcelonetta locals go there, so that’s always a good sign! Check it out at I enjoyed my sea food and rabbit paella! And even though I was initially put-off by the idea of eating rabbit, it came highly recommended so…

Eyescream and Friends

Sweet snack and/or Dessert… Pick up your tray, order your favourite flavour of ice cream, grab yourself two toppings…enjoy!

Such an excellent, easy concept that would appease every ice cream lover. You have to visit this place if you love ice cream and quirkiness. If you go, let me know what you chose!

Milk – Bar & Bistro

Brunched here on my final day. It was meh. 2/5. But the picture looked good so thought I would post in case you fancied making your own mind up. Let me know if you have a better taste experience here than I did please, okay? I’m all about second chances…

All the above food locations in Barcelona were recommended to me by my friend who’s a local or one of her friends with local knowledge. BUT, if you have any other suggestions of where to eat I’ll be sure to visit on my future travels back to beautiful Barcelona, so please let me know in the comments below!

Look out for my blog on things to do and places to visit in Barcelona in the next day or two.

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