A Healthy, Vegan Meal – Lentil Burger Recipe Video

My Daniel Fast cookbook needs a massive overhaul. So, before I do that, I thought I'd recreate my favourite recipes, research and curate some new ones and edit some recipe videos instead! Here's the first one I've brought to the table - a new 2-minute recipe video for lentil burgers. Bon Appetit!


Losing weight can be fun…carbs allowed!

I’m back on a health kick. I’m back to being the Fabulous Foodie. Have you missed me? September is my ‘new year, new me’ month. Why? The athlete mindset is this – the end of one season, the beginning of another – and the two seasons are startlingly distinct. The transition from a summer season… Continue reading Losing weight can be fun…carbs allowed!

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Best places to eat well in Barcelona!

Are you about to visit Barcelona or currently sat in your hotel or apartment wondering where to eat in Barcelona? Well, here's a few ideas to inspire and satisfy you... Carballeira, la Barcelonetta Lunch or Dinner... You won’t have tasted as sublime, thin-sliced baked potatoes as these. The sea bass was not the best I… Continue reading Best places to eat well in Barcelona!

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New Lush Lentil Dish! 

There's no way in a million years you'd ever make a dish with avocados, butternut squash, tomatoes and lentils in it and eat it let alone call it a 'meal', right?! I thought the same thing at one point too; yet right now, I'm about to go further than my wildest expectations and actually RECOMMEND this… Continue reading New Lush Lentil Dish! 


Hunger Pangs – It’s not about the calories

Every time my belly rumbles I start to contemplate my shopping list. I feel like I’ve not been able to satiate my hunger since I stopped training and returned to England from Phoenix. And to me that doesn’t make a lot of sense except that maybe my body is hungry all the time because I’m… Continue reading Hunger Pangs – It’s not about the calories


Bye Bye Thanksgiving Turkey Hangover!

I'm so sleepy (think: food coma) I can't even string a coherent sentence together. Thankfully - if you overdid it a little like me - I've a trick to get over your Thanksgiving holiday lethargy and to help you (and I) lose the lbs we have just put on over the last 12 hours.


Best Coffee House in Phoenix – Lux Central

I'm sat in this lovely quirky little café on North Central Ave in Phoenix and I can’t help but think how blessed I am. How did I even discover this perfect place? Google! Oh Google, I absolutely adore you. All I know is I wanted to get out more and be a social human – because… Continue reading Best Coffee House in Phoenix – Lux Central


Striking a healthy balance

A few of my Foodie blunders this week included overeating at Byron burger, almost consuming a raw turkey leg, and mistakenly asking for salad instead of fries (still not sure whether that was a good or a bad thing) at TGIs..