Losing weight can be fun…carbs allowed!

Thursday night’s dinner was divine! Grilled half chicken (hot sauce & jalepenos) with a side of house fresh-cut fries

I’m back on a health kick. I’m back to being the Fabulous Foodie. Have you missed me?

September is my ‘new year, new me’ month.


The athlete mindset is this – the end of one season, the beginning of another – and the two seasons are startlingly distinct.

The transition from a summer season of competition to a winter of hard graft happens whether you like it or not. Winter is here. And it’s time to train hard.

Whether an athlete or not, that mindset is and will forever be entrenched within me; even more so considering I work as a tutor and so…school is back!

New season. New term. New me.

My third and final piece of inspiration for this September cleanse/leaning month is my good friend, Katie Uhlaender is also on a weight-loss journey ahead of the start of her season in 4 weeks. So I thought I’d stand in solidarity with her by following her rigid nutritional plan. (I think you can access that on MyFitnessPal personal profile).

After about five years without seeing her beautiful face, she visited the UK for a sled-fitting (she’s a 3x USA Olympian who hurtles down an ice path at 80-90 mph for a living). So we spent Wednesday to Sunday last week enjoying each other’s company, allowing me to become a tourist in my own country. Her generosity is astounding and I was so blessed to discover she had bought us an overseas visitors pass to all the National English Heritage sites across the UK. (INCREDIBLE!) I’d recommend to all who will listen that you take an extended weekend of touring your own city at some point in your life. (Blog post to follow).

Katie’s bucketlist included Stonehenge! What’s on yours, y’all?

If you’d like to follow my progress and/or get some tips for your own personal health journey, download MyFitnessPal app and add me as a friend here!

Let’s encourage each other!!

Today’s lunch: Pork stir fry (made by my mother!) + 1 cup or white rice

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