Comeback Trail – 2018 Competition Update

Hi! Fancy an update on my return to the sand pit? Here goes… Competition One: Northern League, 12th May – Pulled out due to ankle ligament trouble Competition One (Try again): Manchester Great City Street Game, Friday 18th May  – Pulled out for the same reason as above. VERY Sad face! Competition One (Third time…

Your Every day Breakthrough

I promised an achilles tendon rehab update at the end of the month, and it is officially the beginning of November tomorrow…*Pinch, punch, first of the month!* To be honest, if I could draw you a graph of my progress since my last update here, it would seem as though my incredible progress has flat-lined….

Stretching in the sun

Here are a selection of some of my favourite stretches pre, post and between exercising sessions. I’ve basically used this post to share a few stretching pictures and tips. I hope you don’t mind! Below: This is my numéro uno. All these stretches will be held for about 30-40 seconds, unless otherwise stated. And then…

Acceptance: Healing Your Grief

My dream died. My passionate pursuit has been felled. But weeks down the line, I’m finally SLOWLY starting to heal. Are you grieving too? Maybe this will help…

Rise Again

Double Entendre. I’m in Phoenix, and I want to rise again like the Phoenix. Hopeful & optimistic for 2016. #RoadToRio

Workout Wednesday

What better way to kick off my Olympic Games Road to Rio 2016 diary than by joining in on the Workout Wednesday vibe!