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Glad I’ve got that off my chest!

How does it feel to be selected to represent Team GB at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games?

A relief.

I don’t yet feel the excitement everybody seems to be feeling around me. I’m not buzzing or over the moon, even though I can use all the right emojis to illustrate that false feeling of elation.

I honestly just feel a satisfying feeling of pure relief.

Contentment. Calm. Gratitude.


It’s been a journey. I’d previously stated on social media that it’s been NINE LONG YEARS, but as my friends like to point out, it’s probably been much longer than that.

Nine years ago was when my first Olympic Dream came crashing down. I wasn’t selected to represent Team GB at a Home Olympic Games despite jumping the standard. That really broke 22 -year-old Abs.

(Me in 2012, realising my Olympic Dream was over. )

And then four years later, at the end of my tether, broken-hearted by another setback (my achilles tendon ruptured), I quit.

(Beautiful quote by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist)

So, after two Olympic failures, why did I return?

Faith? Resilience? Self- belief?

In summary, I had unfinished business. (I explain it all in detail here. .)

But right now, I’m living one of my favourite parts of my journey so far. I made it! My Olympic Dream has become a reality!


P.s. Please don’t worry about my calm feeling about selection. I do have moments of excitement, like when I attended “kitting out” and received my Team GB Adidas, Ben Sherman and Simon Jersey gear for the Olympic Games. And I have no doubt I’ll be buzzing when I land in Tokyo! :)))

P.p.s. when I say “I” made it, I really mean “we”. Team, I am so thankful for you! ❤

“All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. ”

Romans 8:28 Holy Bible

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