Achilles Tendon Rupture Full Rehab & PT Program

Achilles Tendon Rupture Recovery: An Athlete’s Journey

You can find my videos and recovery blogs on this designated page about my Achilles Tendon Rupture, Surgery & PT/Recovery Journey to provide you with easy access to any recovery material you may need for your own achilles recovery journey. I hope this helps you!

Keep reading and check out these achilles rupture recovery videos and blogs if you need:

  • Help, motivation and advice from the trauma of an Achilles tendon rupture/surgery
  • Recovery strategies, post-op or non-op (though my journey is the operative route to repair my rupture)
  • Videos on strengthening and stretching your Achilles tendon and other core muscle groups
  • Videos on general health, fitness and exercise
  • An Achilles tendon rupture PT/Recovery Program developed in conjunction with a top physiotherapist with British Athletics (Chris Bramah, Athlete Matters/Worsley Physio Clinic)
  • Q&A on the Achilles Tendon Rupture Recovery Process: Answers to questions on their recovery. Submit your questions here. If I can answer them myself I will. If not, I will direct them to somebody who can!
  • Strengthening exercises for a weak Achilles tendon and calf muscle

I hope this helps!

My Story

The Rupture & My Reaction:

My Surgery:

A Common Rehab Mistake: Rushing

The first video focuses on mental, emotional wellness (acceptance), whilst the rest of the videos in the series are practical videos for achilles recovery and rehab

The Rehab PT Program

Stage 1: Weeks 6-12 Approx.  

These stages are recorded in weeks based on my progress. However, if you have never done proper rehab for this injury, even if you are many months post-op you may still be unable to hit these targets. So start from this stage and progress at your own pace.

NOTE: I was doing some of these exercises whilst in my cast/boot.

Read this post and watch the accompanying YouTube videos if:

  • You still walk or run with a limp
  • You still have little-to-no stretch in your calf/Achilles
  • You are unable to do at least 10 full single leg calf raise
  • You are unsure of what workouts you can do in a cast or boot

Post 1 (Achilles Tendon Strengthening Exercises, Daily PT & General Conditioning):

Post 2 (Achilles Tendon & Calf Stretches):

YouTube Videos: (Body Conditioning & Foot Balance & Mobility) (Achilles Tendon/Calf Strengthening) (Stretches to Regain Achilles Tendon & Calf Mobility/ROM)

Stage 2: Weeks 12-20 Approx.

Read this post and watch the accompanying video if:

  • You have completed Stage 1 and would like to push yourself further
  • You want to regain complete strength and healing in your Achilles tendon and calf muscle post-op or post-non-op.


YouTube Videos: (Achilles Tendon Strengthening Activities in the Gym) – Isometric holds & Soleus raises

Stage 3: Weeks 20 onwards Approx.

Watch this video if you have successfully accomplished everything in Stage 1. You can actually do the activities in the first part of this video at a low level from as soon as you feel relatively comfortable moving. (Pre-warm up)

The Jump-specific part of this video should only be completed once you have successfully completed Stage 2.

You should view this video if:

  • You are a keen basketball or netball player,
  • You love to jump or
  • You would just love to get back to full fitness, or
  • You want to get to an even higher level of fitness and mobility than you had before.

YouTube Video: (Pre-warm up, warm up & pre-jump prep for an Achilles tendon rupture)

16-10-16: I am currently 5 months post-op. I officially started running again on Thursday 13th October 2016 – 5 months post-op.

30-10-16: My Every Day Breakthrough. One notable change to my rehab program is that my isometric single leg calf holds are now at 2 sets of 5 reps of 10 seconds (as opposed to 30 or 20 or even 15 seconds as it has been in the past). My target is: 2 x body weight now to be able to jump again (so I can return to normal life) and get back to full health, strength and mobility!

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