Motivational, Inspirational & Educational Stories of Success

I love living vicariously through other people, don’t you? If you can’t physically experience certain feel-good moments, the next best thing is to cheer another on, hear their story, feel their emotions and almost live it. That’s why I interview people who motivate or inspire me by their stories of resilience, hope and achievement despite the odds.


Featured M.I.E. stories so far:


It is my hope to motivate, inspire and educate others through stories from my own experiences and others’. I am going to take inspiration from others, and share my discoveries with you, my beautiful readers! I hope you enjoy this journey of discovery as much as I will…

Finally, motivation and inspiration are great, right? But whilst knowledge isn’t power, knowledge actioned appropriately is! That’s why I designed AMPLIFY Learning Programs for schools and businesses to accelerate your personal and professional growth, help you overcome challenges and achieve the success you know you were destined to reach!

Who AMPLIFY has worked with?

So far, AMPLIFY has worked with employees, managers and students in renown organisations and industries from technology and construction to sports and education, including IBM Manchester, Kitchel Corporation, Phoenix (USA) and Longcroft School, Beverley.

Read AMPLIFY Testimonials.

More reviews…

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