Motivational, Inspirational & Educational Stories of Success

I love living vicariously through other people, don’t you? If you can’t physically experience certain feel-good moments, the next best thing is to cheer another on, hear their story, feel their emotions and almost live it. That’s why I interview people who motivate or inspire me by their stories of resilience, hope and achievement despite the odds. You can read more below!

60 snippet of my favourite words of wisdom and humour from my interview with Olympic track and field hurdler from Trinidad & Tobago, Mikel Thomas in 2015!

I encourage you to read these interviews if you are seeking:

  • To be motivated and inspired
  • How to overcome obstacles, bounce back from challenges
  • How to live with authenticity
  • How to live with purpose and passion, finding joy in your work

Featured M.I.E. stories so far:

Prefer to LISTEN to inspiring content? Why not start with developing your own athlete mentality with this interview below with Tokyo Olympic Games’ finalists, Morgan Lake and Tom Gale (both compete in the high jump) and bonus guest, Commonwealth Games 2022 Bronze Medalist, Cindy Sember (nee Cindy Ofili, baby sis of 100mh Tiffany Porter, nee Ofili)!

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Happy reading or listening!


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