What do you do with your inspiration? 

When you are inspired, what do you do with your inspiration?

I asked this question on social media because I wanted to invite a discussion on this. I wanted to know what happens after I leave the stage and the auditorium and walk away feeling encouraged by the positive responses of ‘thank you for sharing your story’ and ‘You’re so inspiring’ to see whether my words and other people’s inspirational words and actions make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Thankfully I received an email yesterday from a lovely woman who heard me speak on Sunday and this gave me a warm glow inside! She wrote that she had been sharing ‘the best is yet to come‘ with others, one of the quotes I’d hammered home on Sunday (and I’d written about it here). Yay. That’s the type of story of positive effects post-inspiration that I love to hear about!

Here’s another example… On Wednesday I was inspired by the Year 7 pupils at Longcroft School, Beverley. It compelled me to share this inspiration with others. Read why in my latest post.

In light of all this, here’s today’s challenge:

Challenge: If you’ve ever heard my story or other inspirational stories  (read some here), please tell me, what did these stories make you do or say or be differently? What did you do with your inspiration?


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