Being Real About Rio

Be authentic. Be your true self.

Shante Little (read about her here), bad-ass extraordinaire, champion for women’s empowerment, and general all-round fabulous female posted this on Instagram on Saturday evening.

Shante’s truth post coupled with the first tip of a ‘Blogging Tips A to Z’ article I’ve recently read (thanks, Coach Dan) seem to place ‘authenticity’ and ‘realness’ as themes for the week.

Her picture speaks of ‘comparison’ but within that lies the reality that we often compare ourselves with the fake; what is not real. Her status highlighted this and spoke about being real and why being real matters. We often portray ourselves one way on social media even though that may not necessarily be our true self. But just like Shante, I want us to fight for authenticity in our worlds despite social media, filters and editing. Let’s rediscover how to be real and live that truth.

So here’s my real. Here’s my authentic. Here’s my truth.

I watched the London Anniversary Games this weekend and it was INCREDIBLE! I was SO inspired and captivated by the performances from the British contingent. We were really vybing from the ‘Home crowd phenomenon’ and took their performances (individual and team) to a whole new level of awesomeness. If you didn’t watch it, you missed out (records were broken and set!) Make sure you don’t miss out on the next superhuman performances at the Rio Olympic Games in just a few weeks’ time…..

But this is where we get to the real authentic truth.  Yes I’m beyond excited to watch and cheer on my team and friends from around the world at the Rio Olympic Games. I want them to do their absolute best and to win medals and exceed every expectation. But here’s the thing…I’m jealous. I’m green with envy. Especially towards all the women competing in the long jump. I mean, of course. Because I just know in my absolute heart of hearts that if my body was healthy I would have been there and I would have been amazing! But at the same time I’m conflicted because I know I have to feel this optimism for the future God has planned for me. And looking back and thinking what ifs and playing the blame game never reaps good results. (And jealousy is ugly. Nobody likes ugly!)

God’s ways are higher and His thoughts are higher. His plans are for my good and to prosper me. (Jeremiah 29:11)

But my circumstances don’t show this truth. And it feels as though I go round and round and round in circles with this thought process: sadness, disappointment, jealousy, optimism and hope, disappointment, frustration, faith and optimism, joylessness, heartache, hope and determination to believe the best is yet to come.

Thankfully, just like the compass always finds true north, at the end of this regular vicious cycle my mind resets to my ultimate truth – God is in control and I am blessed. I’ve been through struggles before and overcome and I will do so again. The best is yet to come. (I type and say through clenched fists and gritted teeth. Hey, sometimes you have to think and declare it before you can believe it and see it in your life, so that’s what I’m doing!)

So how can you be true to yourself? (Truth – authentic, unabashed, vulnerable truth – is one of the greatest gifts you can bless yourself with.)

Keep it real. Have a word with yourself. Take my challenge…

CHALLENGE: Take the word ‘authentic’ or ‘real’ and meditate on it. Challenge and shake out your negative truth. Find your ultimate, ‘true north’, positive truth. And don’t be afraid to believe it, claim it and live it.

Part of the Media Team At London Anniversary Games 2016

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