Never Give Up?

I absolutely love these Baby Yoda memes. I have watched only one episode of The Mandelorian (I think it's called). Adam made me. And I absolutely didn't get it or find it interesting. But these memes...these memes are certainly relatable. We've all been there, right? That's what these memes showcase - a life experience virtually... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Passionate Purpose

This morning I've woken up rested; no alarm, no snooze. When that happens I feel as though I am invincible; as though I can fulfil all my wildest dreams and more. Want to know how to do the same so you can feel the same or even better? Go to sleep with a passionate purpose... Continue Reading →

What do you do with your inspiration? 

When you are inspired, what do you do with your inspiration? I asked this question on social media because I wanted to invite a discussion on this. I wanted to know what happens after I leave the stage and the auditorium and walk away feeling encouraged by the positive responses of 'thank you for sharing your... Continue Reading →

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