Inspired by Creativity Inc. Pixar

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull I’ve heard some people describe creativity as ‘unexpected connections between unrelated concepts or ideas.’ If that’s at all true, you have to be in a certain mindset to make those connections. So when I sense we’re getting nowhere, I just shut things down. We all go off to something else. Later, once the mood has shifted, I’ll attack the problem again.” (Location 2307) It’s okay to take a break, to go for a walk or move on to a different task. In fact, its positive effect is proven through scientific research and application in the … Continue reading Inspired by Creativity Inc. Pixar

Motivational Talk @ Kitchell Corporation

So I conquered the nerves and successfully completed a motivational talk at Kitchell, a construction company with offices in Arizona, California and Texas. The turn-out was great and the employees were so welcoming and interested. (It’s always nice to look around the room and see engaged – as opposed to bored – faces!)

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10 Career Ideas for Athletes

Athletes, eh. Beyond the track, what are we good for?

A lot! Athletes make great business sense. Many of the good habits, practices and the immense amount of information you pick up through your athletics career allows you to experience and gives you an insight into a variety of careers and key skills…

Depending upon length of time, knowledge and level of success in their chosen event, an athlete basically ranges from Beginner/In-Training to Consultant/Expert Level Status in… (4-5 minute read)

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