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More Than An Athlete with British Champion, Naomi Metzger

A podcast partial-transcript of key quotes, links and facts from a conversation with 9 x British Triple Jump Champion, Naomi Metzger on what she does aside from sport – dabbling in NFTs, cryptocurrency, blogging and brand collaborations to give athlete’s ownership and empowerment around their own stories.

Listen to the full podcast – Define Your Success Podcast, Episode 7: More Than An Athlete.

Recording Date: 10th March 2022

Publish Date: Tuesday 15th March 2022

Guest Profile: Naomi Metzger, nee Ogbeta 

9 x British Champion, European Junior Medalist

Been jumping now probably 10 years

23 years old 

Naomi Metzger, nee Ogbeta 

“When I think of who I am, I think of myself as so much more and I barely even see myself as an athlete. Like, I know that’s what I do, but I don’t really see that as who I am. I do so many other things so it is really refreshing to talk about that.”

Naomi Metzger on being ‘more than an athlete’


“Christian. Athlete. Wife. Creative. Human.”

Naomi, The Creative  

NFT – Non-Fungible Tokens 

“I came across NFTs from a TikTok.” 

“I’m not sponsored at the moment. If there’s another way I can make a stream of income, even if it doesn’t make sense to me right now, let me just give it a go.”

“So far I’ve made close to $4,000 in the past month. It’s been an incredible journey.”

“I’ve sold about 70 [Afrochicksnft] now.”

“The [NFT] community is really friendly, really helpful. Finding the community is the best way to start.”

“Within the NFT space, it was dominated by a lot of males, a lot of white males at that. And as a Black female, I really wanted to see more representation of women and also Black women. Because even in the tech space there is a really small percentage of Black women.”

“I got a notification the other day – Randi Zuckerberg, who is Mark Zuckerberg’s sister – she purchased an Afrochick!”  

“NFT is a really secure way of owning content.”

Three-Point Start

Three-Point Start is a blog website which I created in lockdown and the aim of it is to collaborate with other creatives like myself and interview athletes from across different sports and really get athletes to own their own narrative and tell stories about themselves away from the sport that they do.” 

“I just really wanted to have ownership because so many times as an athlete you get articles written about you which you may not agree with; they may not be true, especially with my brother as a footballer, there was so much spectacle around the transfer window. So I really wanted athletes to be comfortable.” 

“I got a mentor [through Women’s Sport Trust] who basically made the BBC sport website, so if it was going to be somebody to ask, ‘how do I make a blog?’, it was going to be him.”

Livewire Sport – sports marketing agency also helped support and advised on the creation of Three-Point Start. 

Social Media 

“I think there’s kind of an old-school mentality when it comes to social media and performance. But I do think it’s about managing your time and your energy.” 

“It can be hard sometimes because training can be gruelling and being online can be exciting. So it is really knowing what I need to do to prioritise.”

Aims for 2022 Athletics’ Season

To get a medal at the Home Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and to make the top 8 at the World Champs. And I’d like to challenge for a medal at the Europeans as well.”

“For me now, success is doing what makes me happy and being true to myself.”

Success in three words: TRUTH, PEACE, FULFILMENT. 


  • How she got started in NFTs circa Jan 2022. & how you can get started in NFTs too – including different types of NFTs – poetry, art, music etc.
  • Takes us through her journey – explains crypto, NFTs, discord and transparency around how much she earns in the NFT space 
  • Naomi hosts weekly Twitter spaces with @WomenInNFTs on NFT conversations with first conversation listened to by 350+ people
  • Gary V, Entrepreneur – how Naomi first heard about NFTS on TikTok
  • Naomi’s NFTs – Twitter @afrochicksnft with links to her website where you can buy her NFTs and listen to more around NFTs and the NFT community in Twitter Spaces
  • It’s not too late to enter the NFT space: “According to a new report, roughly 360,000 individuals own nearly every single available non-fungible token (NFT). As reported by the Financial Times, roughly 80% of the total value associated with NFT-based items is held by only 9% of the community.” 4 Jan 2022 – Read Full Article by CBR
  • Read Full Article by Independent – “NFT ownership is concentrated to just 0.1% of crypto owners”
  • Recently announced a partnership with House of Marley and Three-Point Start
  • Women’s Sport Trust helped empower her as a female athlete 

Find Naomi on Instagram @NaomiOgbeta & Twitter @NaomiMetzgerTJ

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