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New Babies, Homes & Record-Breaking Performances 

Friends and family celebrating weddings deferred in favour of surprise baby announcements. A new home-owner finally closing the deal, signing on the dotted line and getting the keys to live in her first ‘own, owned place’; another friend getting the keys to her first investment property - a home to tear apart, remodel and ‘flip’,… Continue reading New Babies, Homes & Record-Breaking Performances 

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More Than An Athlete with British Champion, Naomi Metzger

A podcast partial-transcript of key quotes, links and facts from a conversation with 9 x British Triple Jump Champion, Naomi Metzger on what she does aside from sport - dabbling in NFTs, cryptocurrency, blogging and brand collaborations to give athlete's ownership and empowerment around their own stories.

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Cairo, Egypt – Travel Diaries

Egypt would never have been my first choice of off-season holiday destination. My vision for this final trip before returning to a hard winter of training was sun and relaxation. And Egypt didn’t seem like the best destination to achieve this.  But, honestly, I got all I wanted with the bonus of a new cultural… Continue reading Cairo, Egypt – Travel Diaries

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Weydon School Visit with British Champion on Excellence, Resilience & Jumping!

My school visit to Weydon School, Surrey will undoubtedly be my last one for a while. It's a shame to write that, but until we stem the spread of this COVID19 coronavirus, there's a new normal. Anyway, it was a fun day of mental and physical exertion. We started with a workshop discussing the talent… Continue reading Weydon School Visit with British Champion on Excellence, Resilience & Jumping!

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Unstuck. Moving Forward.

It's been a while. I had nothing to say before, but now I think I do. Back in a Team GB & NI vest for the third time this year, I can't believe the complete u-turn my athletics career has taken over the past 12 months. For an update, check out past posts. But I'm… Continue reading Unstuck. Moving Forward.