Speechless: What silence will teach you

I have no words. I've lost my voice. I can barely speak at a whisper, and last night I discovered that me straining to speak at a whisper is doing more harm than good. In this case, being quiet for a few days is the healing remedy. Has anybody else ever suffered from laryngitis? (That... Continue Reading →


How to get more out of your day in just 10 minutes

My book is 10% complete. Well, the first draft is anyway... Just as I have managed to hit the 10% mark in one week, I have also managed to achieve some other significant milestones through...

My New Daily Prayer 

Jesus was born in a stable. Yet became the Saviour of the world. From terrifying & humble beginnings to being resurrected and eternally worshiped, there's a reason for it all. Don't be afraid of the pain. This is my prayer in the storm of confusion, in the midst of the 'Why me, why now, whyyyyyyy?" You can use it too! God's got us.

The Power of Happy

I ask myself: 'I am happiest when...?' so I can find out and do that thing, and laugh. When are your most sorrowful moments and how do you pick yourself up and keep smiling?

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