Miracle Monday, Success

How to get more out of your day in just 10 minutes

My book is 10% complete.

Well, the first draft is anyway…

This week I have started writing for at least one hour per day to get my FIRST BOOK PUBLISHED in 2017! YIKES!

So now blogging has been relegated to Sundays or the spare 10 minutes I have on a more relaxed day than usual, which is generally a weekend day.

However, just as I have managed to hit the 10% mark through one hour of writing per day, I have also managed to achieve some other significant milestones through another principle of consistency and discipline…

The ‘Just-10’ Principle

The ‘Just-10’ principle allows me to create space in my fairly-hectic life – just ten minutes – to do something to enrich my life.

Just-10 Stretching

Just-10 has allowed me in this past week and a half to introduce a morning stretch routine that I have not been able to follow consistently since returning from Phoenix ten months ago. And I have reaped the rewards already. At the physio last week my body was more aligned and less out of whack than usual. Each day, my glutes are visibly more released and the whole hip area is more open than before, which helps a lot when I am sprinting and bounding.

To make my Just-10 morning stretching even more relaxing and restorative, I turn to DJ Spotify to provide me with some calming, uplifting music. This beautiful combination of stretching for 10 minutes in the morning with calming, affirming music sets me up with the right intention of positivity and bounce for the day ahead. And we all need a bit of both of those in our lives – positivity to embrace every opportunity in the day with enthusiasm and hope; and bounce to embrace every setback in the day with determination to forge ahead and bounce-back stronger.

Just-10 4D Benefits

My Just-10 morning stretching has restored me across all four key areas – mind, body, spirit and soul. If you want to try it, here are the benefits you too will receive:

Mentally your mind will be strengthened with positive, affirming music; physically, your body will be restored and released through gentle and active stretches; and spiritually, meditating on the positive lyrics will empower you with thoughts that will remain with you throughout the day. (Personally, during this time I listen to Christian gospel or oldies such as ‘The Steadfast love of the LORD’, but anything with positive lyrics that you can meditate upon will support your personal growth.)  Fourth and finally, your soul will be fortified as you discipline your will to consistently follow through on this Just-10 practice, which allows you to also make time to enjoy your own company – another small and simple way to practice self-love.

Just-10 Blogging

My other Just-10 practice gave me the impetus to quickly write and post this blog last week on a purchase you absolutely have to grab to eat the perfect lunch-on-the-go. Before this, I would have used ‘lack of time’ as an excuse. (You know that excuse, too right?) 

Why not give Just-10 a try?

Applying this Just-10 principle in your life, what enriching practice can you consistently add to your days?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Read
  • Blog
  • Write a book
  • Learn a language
  • Pray and meditate
  • Record a podcast

Any other ideas? Please share in the comments!

In short, the beauty of Just-10 is that it allows you to follow a practice of consistency. And if you’ve been following my blogs for long enough you will know where that leads you to… Breakthrough!

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