1 Tip for Creating & Developing Your Brand

Everybody in business needs to have a clearly-defined brand and seek to actively and positively create and develop their brand. Have you ever listened to that song by Erykah Badu, I am not my hair? Well, the title may sound ridiculous and your response may be to consider her statement entirely obvious, but the meaning…

Comeback Trail – 2018 Competition Update

Hi! Fancy an update on my return to the sand pit? Here goes… Competition One: Northern League, 12th May – Pulled out due to ankle ligament trouble Competition One (Try again): Manchester Great City Street Game, Friday 18th May  – Pulled out for the same reason as above. VERY Sad face! Competition One (Third time…

Seeing is believing!

I have such awesome news to share with you guys, but I have to keep schtum until I have everything confirmed. I feel like we really do create our own luck sometimes. And certainly our own happiness. I’m happy because I’ve made a choice to challenge myself beyond what I’m used to in a new…

Business-Builders – Three Top Tips for SMEs, Startups and Entrepreneurs in Manchester, UK

How would you like to start your own business in Manchester without a hitch?

Imagine if, from day one of opening your business, you have the exact number of clients you’ve been dreaming of and more?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to offer your high-quality service or product to everybody in your target area and target market straight away? No advertising. No marketing. No nothing.

5-Minutes to a Healthy, Filling Morning Smoothie 

For the best, most-satiating morning smoothie ever, check out the recipe below. This is a quick and easy portable breakfast or post-workout shake. (It takes less than 5 mins to whizz together). As somebody always on the move, this is so handy when you haven’t made time to sit down for breakfast. The only time…

Speechless: What silence will teach you

I have no words. I’ve lost my voice. I can barely speak at a whisper, and last night I discovered that me straining to speak at a whisper is doing more harm than good. In this case, being quiet for a few days is the healing remedy. Has anybody else ever suffered from laryngitis? (That…

Leap by Leap: How to persevere when you don’t feel like it

Advice to myself … Just do one jump. And then another. Take it step by step, run by run, leap by leap. Suddenly you find you’ve completed your session for the day. That wasn’t as bad as you first thought, was it? Eat. Sleep. Repeat again tomorrow. #AthleteMentality Apply this to every horrible gym session,…

The Key to Engaging your Core Market

But what happens when you don’t really really want it? What happens when you work with somebody who isn’t so keen for change or transformation because they are too young, immature or haven’t been taught to understand the value of what they are learning?

Atonement for the Social Media Sin

I’m having one of those days where everything kind of sucks.

I’m having one of those weeks actually.

Comparing my life to celebs, friends and strangers is the way to happiness, right?

One thing you can say to improve your life right now

Q: On average, what % of our thoughts and words each day are negative? An affirmation is a: neutral, positive or negative thought(s) or word(s) about you or somebody else. Affirmations shape your life. They are so powerful because you believe they are true, whether they are or not. You are who you are because…