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Airbnb x IOC Olympic Partnership: With Thanks

Thanks to the Airbnb Athlete Travel Support Credit granted in partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the next couple of months of winter training and travel between Manchester and Loughborough and back again are covered.

This is a short and sweet post to say – thanks!

A little support goes a long way, so when I received notification that I’d received this support from Airbnb and the IOC a few months ago, I was overjoyed. It felt like…a blessing worth celebrating.

And a blessing worth celebrating is worth sharing, too.

So, here is just one of the many places I’ll be staying at during my training stays in Loughborough.

Truly a home away from home.

The cute bedroom.
I love this cottage feel with the wooden beam across the ceiling.
The benefits of an airbnb vs a hotel is the space to dine at a table, rather than every activity confined to a bedroom.
The living and dining room space – a broad view.
The kitchen is spacious and has everything I need – fridge and microwave are key because I meal prep in advance for my short stint in Loughborough.

So, that’s your tour of where I’m staying this week in Loughborough!

Next week, I’ll possibly find somewhere else…or try to book here again!

My main filters are:

  • En-suite or private bathroom
  • Kitchen / fridge to house my cooked meals
  • Proximity to the Loughborough University High Performance Athletics Centre (HiPAC)

What do you think?

And what filters do you use when booking an Airbnb, whether for personal or professional purposes?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and connect with me on Instagram (@absisdabest) to see where else my travels take me!

~ Abs x


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