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Laugh Out Loud Go-Tos: My Top Three

There’s not much that makes me laugh out loud these days.

Billy Goat Gruff – Funny Animals

But this photo of the Billy Goat Gruff acting like he owns my Mum’s garden tickled me when Pete shared it with me last week.

Look at his face! Just look at it! hahah!

How would you caption that?

Let me tell you something – this isn’t his yard. It’s not his home. It’s not his garden and these aren’t his apples. So why does he look so … befuddled and put-out that Pete is challenging him to GTHOH?! Ha!

What else…

MartzB – Funny Friends

My friend Martyn! Do you have friends that you just pick up the phone or sit in their presence for five minutes…maybe even just two minutes…in fact…one word and you’re laughing your head off?

If you don’t, I’m not sure whether Martyn is available, but I’d recommend reaching out anyway.

Because there’s always laughter. There’s always smiles. There’s always enjoyment. And it’s more-often-than-not carefree and easy-going (which is a perfect complement to my type-A, straight-laced, slightly boring/relaxed character).

Comedic Relief – Funny TV & Audiobooks

I can’t recommend highly enough – ‘I can’t make this up’ by Kevin Hart.

Audiobook format is the only way to go with this, please.

Listen on Audible for £7.99 per month.

A few words on this book… laughing until I had tears in my eyes.

Book review tags across Amazon include: ‘laughing out loud’, ‘must read’, ‘great read’.

So…have you bought it yet?

I know that Adam McKay’s book turned BBC TV series (which I’m yet to watch, but will add to my list) has also been recently popularised, and as much as there is a lot of heaviness and sadness that comes later in the book, I feel like I remember laughing a lot at the start of the book.

Buy on Paperback for £4.50, Kindle or Audiobook.

Perhaps, if you don’t want the deep, nitty-gritty parts of the book or series, you can put it down when the levity lifts?

And honestly…anything with The Rock and Kevin Hart promises a chuckle or two. Jumanji – the first newest one tickled me lots.

Watch Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

I guess I’m sharing this post in case you wanted a laugh. I’ve decided to provide some contrast … not every day serious, business or athlete-focused, wellness-strategy, peak performance, resilience-focused, how-to-face-adversity-and-overcome posts. Some days can be about wellness…but with a chuckle.

What are your laugh out loud go-tos?

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