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The Price of Perfection

29 draft blog posts Started. Stopped. Disappointed. Reviewed. Lost my thread. Where to next? A gift of a single, solo mug eschewed. How and where can this fit in my cupboards? I need a pair or 3 or 4. A neat, ordered Christmas table seating... 29. Funny that! 29 drafts, 29 seats. But bums on… Continue reading The Price of Perfection

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A Loud Christmas & New Year. A Solo Birthday Retreat

The beauty of family coming together. There's nothing quite like it. Yet, my two week Christmas break was a whirlwind. That's one of the reasons I decided to have a solo birthday treat. (I'll share the other reasons below.) Happy Birthday, Abs! #33 I spent the 2nd to the 3rd of January in the Lake… Continue reading A Loud Christmas & New Year. A Solo Birthday Retreat

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Vertigo – Signs, Symptoms, Solutions.

I experienced a 'severe and acute' attack of vertigo last week. It wasn't fun AT ALL, but the way I retell the story of what happened - how the BA team doctor and paramedics responded, my stint in hospital and the still-remaining symptoms - you'll hopefully smile and laugh along with me in this latest… Continue reading Vertigo – Signs, Symptoms, Solutions.

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Laugh Out Loud Go-Tos: My Top Three

There's not much that makes me laugh out loud these days. But here are three generally sure-fire laugh out loud go-tos to help you beat a funk, moments of depression or sadness and tackle stress.

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Promoting Good Mental Health: Nature

Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme for 2021 is ... nature! Nature’s Positive Boost To Mental Health As you scroll through the site - mentalhealth.org.uk - you’ll find blogs on ‘top tips for connecting with nature’ and a great initiative to ‘Take Action, Get Active’ where you can get active and explore nature, whilst raising vital… Continue reading Promoting Good Mental Health: Nature

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Acceptance – ‘Achieving’ Post-Traumatic Growth

“People with PTSD have their floodgates wide open. Lacking a filter, they are on constant sensory overload. In order to cope, they try to shut themselves down and develop tunnel vision and hyper-focus. If they can’t shut down naturally, they may enlist drugs or alcohol to block out the world. The tragedy is that the… Continue reading Acceptance – ‘Achieving’ Post-Traumatic Growth

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YES To Life, In Spite of Everything!

“But there have been people who have said yes [to life and the responsibility within it] despite all difficulties. And when the inmates in the Buchenwald concentration camp sang in their song, ‘We still want to say yes to life’, they did not only sing about it, but also achieved it many times - they… Continue reading YES To Life, In Spite of Everything!

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Autumn Vibes – Regaining Focus in Fall

If you make it through my excitement about autumn leaves on the ground, let me share with you my wind-down, wellness strategies and the power of effective journaling for a good night's sleep...

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Sleep for Performance & Health: More Is Better

Last Wednesday, Sleep and Weight Loss: Sleep More to Lose More was published, garnering some interesting responses and sparking conversations beyond sleep's contribution to weight loss. And of course, as an athlete and someone seeking to achieve high-performance in every area of my life, I'm not just bothered about sleep's contribution to weight loss; I'm… Continue reading Sleep for Performance & Health: More Is Better

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Sleep and Weight Loss: Sleep More to Lose More

A few years ago I approached someone I believed (and still believe) to be knowledgeable in this field of weight loss - Stuart MacMillan - to help me shift a few kilos. His first question to me wasn't: 'what's your eating regime like?' or 'How many cupcakes have you eaten this week?'. He didn't offer solutions like, 'throw out all your sweets and chocolate!' or 'bread is the devil!' either. Stu's first question in response to how to lose weight was this: how much sleep are you getting? Are you sleeping enough? Read on to find out the importance of this question for your own weight loss journey...