#AskAbs – Part 1: What inspired your return to fitness & to improve your Personal Best?

#AskAbs: Following injury, what inspired you to get back to fitness and improve your PB? What advice would you give to athletes recovering from serious injuries or life set backs? Resilience. That’s the buzz word, right? I’ll answer these questions … Continue reading #AskAbs – Part 1: What inspired your return to fitness & to improve your Personal Best?

Creating Our Future: Olympic Legacy Debate

On Friday I had the honour of being part of a panel discussing the impact of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on communities across Britain. Before I give a short overview of the conversation, I want to ask you a few questions… What are your thoughts on the socio-cultural impact of the Olympic Games? How did the Games impact you? Has it changed your life in any way, shape or form? Were you inspired to get active, pursue your dreams, and believe in the impossible? Pause for thought. … The questions weren’t solely about inspiration, but equally about the tangible, … Continue reading Creating Our Future: Olympic Legacy Debate

Does asthma count you out?

As I wrote that title, a multitude of other similar questions flitted into my brain. To save you a few minutes of worry, the answer to them all is “no”. Asthma does not count you out – neither from competitive, high-level sport nor lower-level, amateur, just-for-fun-and-fitness sport. Neither does having one leg, one arm or no legs and no arms. You are not counted out from anything until you count yourself out! I remember hearing about the story of the first female armless pilot. Yes, you read that right. It wasn’t a typo. The pilot flew the plane WITHOUT arms. … Continue reading Does asthma count you out?

2 Quick Tips To Overcome Challenges

So my Road To Rio (Olympic Games Journey) ended in tears in Texas on 30th April this year with an achilles tendon rupture. And two weeks later it was replaced with my Road to Recovery. And since then, that journey has not been easy. It has been littered with tears, tantrums and confusion (still is, to be fair!). But every so often I seek to share the positive moments of this rehab whilst providing a few tips on how to keep smiling as best as you can through your struggles. My two top tips for anybody going through challenging circumstances … Continue reading 2 Quick Tips To Overcome Challenges

Motivational Talk @ Kitchell Corporation

So I conquered the nerves and successfully completed a motivational talk at Kitchell, a construction company with offices in Arizona, California and Texas. The turn-out was great and the employees were so welcoming and interested. (It’s always nice to look around the room and see engaged – as opposed to bored – faces!)

Continue reading “Motivational Talk @ Kitchell Corporation”