Adulting is hard sometimes, but I’ve got you!

Do you ever just want to cry for no real reason? That was me on Monday. Adulting is hard sometimes! I was just despondent and disappointed and feeling a little bit like I had lost control for a moment. Life has been going relatively well this 2017, so this bump in the road felt more aggressive than it probably should have. I was unaccustomed to the setback. Ha! The irony! (If you know anything about me, you’ll realise I have experienced quite a few major setbacks in my life and athletics career, which is why the realisation was so ironic.) … Continue reading Adulting is hard sometimes, but I’ve got you!

Space to grow – Lifelong Learning

Today in rehab I was falling over the place. It was exhausting, and I would say embarrassing too but thankfully not many people were there to witness the debacle. The ones who were there probably didn’t even notice or care! But through it all I realised these many blunders would take me to a higher level of proficiency in sport and life once I figured it out. This was my opportunity to fail, learn, adapt and grow. You see, stagnation occurs when we don’t provide ourselves with enough space to grow. And stagnation sucks! Have you ever grown a pot … Continue reading Space to grow – Lifelong Learning

Try a little, live a lot! 

As an educator and an intrinsically competitive, type A personality, I get more annoyed when children and adults give up too soon or refuse to try at all than if they try and get the answer wrong, or try and lose. You don’t try. Why? Because you’re afraid. So giving in to fear and sitting out actually perpetuates your fear. It’s a lose-lose situation. When you try and lose, you in fact win. Oxymoronic, I know. But hear me out… You win because you try. You win because when you try you discover that you can. You win because when … Continue reading Try a little, live a lot! 

Is it really the taking part that counts? #OlympicDay

“On this date back in 1894, the modern Olympic Games were born…” What I learned at a Junior School Sports Day… It’s not the winning, but the taking part that counts. In the past – even in the very recent past – when I’ve heard this phrase I’ve shuddered, shaken my head and felt inner frustration and annoyance. ‘Of course it’s the winning that counts’, shouts my competitive self. So why today did I found myself uttering the unutterable? “They did so well, they should all be awarded participation medals!” Yes, I know! Am I crazy? Participation medals? Please, give … Continue reading Is it really the taking part that counts? #OlympicDay

Persistent Pursuit of Progression – An Interview with Mikel Thomas

Stats: Country: Trinidad & Tobago Discipline: 110m Hurdles Noteworthy Accolades: 2x Olympian, National Record Holder Current World Ranking: 11th Highest World Ranking: 5th SB: 13.32seconds PB: 13.19seconds Persistent Pursuit of Progression Defining success as the ‘persistent pursuit of progression’, Mikel has ‘never been afraid to dream’. Whilst a lot of us – myself included, at times – make our goals too realistic, Mikel calmly and boldly states: ‘the goal is to go as fast as humanly possible’. And to do this, Mikel stands by his best success habit: ‘consistency before the breakthrough’. This strategy has served him well in the … Continue reading Persistent Pursuit of Progression – An Interview with Mikel Thomas

How to handle being overwhelmed by life

I have so many favourite Bible passages, but here is one of my top five But now, this is what the Lord says – He who created you, O Jacob, He who formed you, O Israel: Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And when you pass through the rivers, They will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, You will not be burned; The flames will not set you ablaze. Isaiah 43:1-2 Reading this passage, I … Continue reading How to handle being overwhelmed by life

Overcoming Perfectionism

Initially I wondered: Perfectionism: Is it a blessing or a curse? But I quickly answered that question in a matter of seconds – it’s certainly not a blessing for me! There is a preponderance of negative words associated with perfectionism when mentioned in conversation or in relation to attitudes and behaviours. Recently, there has been a great deal of focus on ‘self-talk’ and keeping it positive; yet when referring to my perfectionist personality my talk descends to despondency. Perfectionism and anxiety My perfectionism and anxiety go hand in hand. Perfectionism is an idealized standard that is unachievable because it is … Continue reading Overcoming Perfectionism

God is bigger than our failures

Let me just quickly share with you a snippet of the message my pastor, Glyn Barrett spoke this morning (22.215) in church ( It really encouraged me to remember and trust in how magnificent and big my God is. It’s a word we Christians all know about but sometimes forget to grab hold of in difficult times. He says: Our experiences can distort the view we have of God. When we fail, we believe more in our failure than in God and our potential. Now, how about that? My spirit jumped at these words, because as much as I profess … Continue reading God is bigger than our failures