Does asthma count you out?

As I wrote that title, a multitude of other similar questions flitted into my brain. To save you a few minutes of worry, the answer to them all is “no”. Asthma does not count you out – neither from competitive, high-level sport nor lower-level, amateur, just-for-fun-and-fitness sport. Neither does having one leg, one arm or no legs and no arms. You are not counted out from anything until you count yourself out! I remember hearing about the story of the first female armless pilot. Yes, you read that right. It wasn’t a typo. The pilot flew the plane WITHOUT arms. … Continue reading Does asthma count you out?

Persistent Pursuit of Progression – An Interview with Mikel Thomas

Stats: Country: Trinidad & Tobago Discipline: 110m Hurdles Noteworthy Accolades: 2x Olympian, National Record Holder Current World Ranking: 11th Highest World Ranking: 5th SB: 13.32seconds PB: 13.19seconds Persistent Pursuit of Progression Defining success as the ‘persistent pursuit of progression’, Mikel has ‘never been afraid to dream’. Whilst a lot of us – myself included, at times – make our goals too realistic, Mikel calmly and boldly states: ‘the goal is to go as fast as humanly possible’. And to do this, Mikel stands by his best success habit: ‘consistency before the breakthrough’. This strategy has served him well in the … Continue reading Persistent Pursuit of Progression – An Interview with Mikel Thomas