Lacking Motivation?

If you're finding it as hard as I am to stay motivated to be your best self, check out my 3 top tips for boosting motivation in these frustrating times!

4 things you can do to THRIVE TODAY & experience an incredible weekend!

We are body, heart, mind and spirit. Today I've engaged my spirit through prayer and meditating upon God's word, His promises and his goodness. And I'll continue to practice these good habits throughout the day (especially in the tough times). I've given my mind a break from intellectual reading  this past week as I've been... Continue Reading →

Positive Mantras For Champions 

"Consistency before the breakthrough." I woke up this morning and whilst wading through the mundane and monotonous of life, this mantra popped in to my head. This is a quote I first heard during an interview with Mikel Thomas, 3x Olympic 110 metre hurdler (read his story for some motivation/inspiration!) I'm not sure whether he coined... Continue Reading →

Create your Joy!

Create your own happiness. I’ve just booked a quick trip to Marbella for a week today! I’m so excited. Saturday was such a down in the dumps type of day – well not the whole day, just the middle-part in the afternoon leading into the evening. About this time I would usually be hanging out... Continue Reading →

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