I’m no longer a slave to fear

My second winter in Phoenix, Arizona I was a broken, drained and frustrated young woman. At a quarter of a century old, a month shy of my 26th birthday, I heard a song that broke my heart in two yet mended me from the inside out. By the way, I am trying to write consistently... Continue Reading →

Barcelona, Las Ramblas Attack – Are we all in this together?

I was in Barcelona the day before this week’s terrorist attack. I only heard about the news after receiving a few messages from concerned friends and family asking me whether I was still there and am I ok. No, I got back yesterday. And yes I’m happy, safe and well in Manchester – well, as... Continue Reading →

How to save a friend

It’s funny how people – friends and family – may be going through the darkest tunnels and yet you can be so clueless to their struggle. It’s not funny. It’s horrible. It’s so sad because suddenly you feel like you’re trying to pull your friend out of this huge chasm but it’s harder when they’re... Continue Reading →

Create your Joy!

Create your own happiness. I’ve just booked a quick trip to Marbella for a week today! I’m so excited. Saturday was such a down in the dumps type of day – well not the whole day, just the middle-part in the afternoon leading into the evening. About this time I would usually be hanging out... Continue Reading →

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