How to save a friend

It’s funny how people – friends and family – may be going through the darkest tunnels and yet you can be so clueless to their struggle. It’s not funny. It’s horrible. It’s so sad because suddenly you feel like you’re trying to pull your friend out of this huge chasm but it’s harder when they’re already so deep in and fallen so far; sometimes it feels like the safety rope you’re offering them simply isn’t long or strong enough; or that you don’t have the power within you to lift them up – your words of comfort or hope are not good enough; like your huge hugs are limp and lifeless.

Well, that’s how I feel sometimes anyway.

But if you have the strength, don’t give up on that person. Even if your words and actions seem futile. You never know, something may resonate after all, as I found out this morning…

‘I really needed that. Still feeling down about life today but I did need to hear that. Thank you!!’ 

Who can you encourage and support today?

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