Drop your ‘T’s. Do what you cannot do. 

Dear Students,

Be fearless. Try and fail. Do things you ‘cannot ‘ do.

As an athlete, if I run or jump with fear my performances are sub-par; the fear is evident and it stops me from performing at my best. It is better to be driven by love or at least to enjoy the process, no matter what the outcome may be, than be driven by fear and not perform to your fullest potential.

If I don’t try, I’ll never know what I’m capable of. It’s the same for you. I get so frustrated when you respond with “I don’t know” or don’t at least try to respond to a question because of your fear of being wrong. Why are you scared of an ‘x’? It’s just two small criss- crossed lines. Why are you so scared of hearing, ‘not quite, try again’? Every failure and wrong answer draws you closer the right one. So just go for it!

And by the way, can you imagine if you used the mentality you use in lessons and in life today when you were a baby? You would still be crawling around. In fact, no you’d be lay on your back wailing for what you want, unable to communicate effectively or move freely.

When you say “I can’t” what you really mean is “I won’t ” because you’re scared you will try and fail. But if you’d been scared to try and fail as a toddler, where would you be today? So what if you fail, fall or embarrass yourself?

Better to try and fail. Better to get it wrong the first time. Better to be bold and fearless. Better to go for it. Because if you do the right things with enough persistence & conviction, success is sure to follow.

Drop the “t”. Make your ‘can’t’ a ‘can.’

Do this not for my sake, for I already do what I fear I cannot do. And I have the scars and the embarrassing moments to prove it.

So please, not for my sake, but for yours! Because without doing what you ‘cannot ‘, without trying and failing, without fighting fearless, you truly CANNOT succeed.



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