4 things you can do to THRIVE TODAY & experience an incredible weekend!

We are body, heart, mind and spirit.

Today I’ve engaged my spirit through prayer and meditating upon God’s word, His promises and his goodness. And I’ll continue to practice these good habits throughout the day (especially in the tough times).

I’ve given my mind a break from intellectual reading  this past week as I’ve been recovering from a cold that had me hauled up in my warm, comfy bed all-day Monday. But my mind has still been engaged with work, tutoring and stimulating conversations.

I love to read and this week I’ve finally finished reading a chick-lit  that has been on my bookshelf for weeks: ‘Too Close for Comfort‘ by Clare Dowling. I’d rate it a 3/5 because the story line was slightly excessive in places and there were a few typos/problematic linguistic expressions. (Don’t authors generally use an editor/proof-reader?) This could be down to the fact she may be from Ireland and their expressions differ from us Brits. But check it out for yourself if you fancy a light, easy read to engage yourself in a simple pleasure to warm your heart.

I workout 24-7, but having started off this week poorly (unwell/sick with a cold) my physical wellbeing focus has been a slow-burner this week. My advice for anybody getting back into workouts following a sick spell: take it easy. Don’t rush! Slow and steady genuinely does win the race if you follow this advice. Here’s how I know: I’m just about to head to the track now for a workout for my fourth day in a row! Whoop!
How’s your heart, body, spirit and mind flow so far this week?

Are you where you want to be across all four dimensions?

You are made up of more than just one or two of those dimensions above so if you find yourself lacking in one area, focus on doing something this weekend to restore your balance. Share your ideas in the comments too, if you’re brave enough!

Have a blessed weeked!

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