Grow daily with this one 10- minute practice 

Why do I always get hit with an inspired thought when I am running to a tight-schedule? Is that just me or…? Today – as with the past few Wednesdays and most Wednesdays leading up to Christmas – looks like this:

  • 9h-12h Tutoring
  • 12h45/13h (traffic-dependent) Track Workout
  • 14h45 Quick Lunch
  • 15h-16h Coaching
  • 16h30-19h30 (I was 8 mins late) Tutoring
  • 20h-21h30 S&C workout 

I’m writing this whilst on my way to my 1pm scheduled workout session with me, myself and I.

And in this moment I thought… I need time. THE Oprah’s opening for every ‘Super Soul Conversations’ podcast is this: ‘One of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is time – taking time to be more fully present.’ And that starts ‘right now’. That was what I was lacking due to my rushed mindset and disgusting schedule, so I took a moment for me, and you can (and possibly should) do it too.

Simply to affirm your and my need for you/me-time, let me share with you another quote I love and try to hold on to when I have days like today (yesterday by the time you read this). I heard it said by ‘I am not your Guru’ Netflix-hit motivational speaker and larger-than-life entrepreneur and coach, Tony Robbins: ‘If you don’t have ten minutes, you don’t have a life.’ BOOM! SO TRUE!

So here’s how I choose to use my ten minutes… writing. For me, it is therapeutic and clarifying. Here’s what fell out of my cluttered brain. I hope it encourages you to take time for yourself more, as I should too! 

“Take time to be fully present.”

 Oprah Winfrey, Super Soul Conversations Podcast


Self-reflection is powerful and positive because we grow when we reflect. Think about when you look at your reflection in the mirror. How do you respond or react when you do this? You may respond with a smile, happy with the way you look; whilst others may say “ewww” and grab their concealer, mascara and blusher! But rarely do you look at yourself without a response. There is always some form of response – whether positive (praise) or negative (criticism). The same goes for self-reflection.

Self-reflection demands a response – whether positive (praise) or negative (criticism).

Self-reflection gives you time to respond to your behaviour, thoughts, achievements, activities throughout the day/week/ month/year. Within the process of self-reflection I always advocate for a balanced response that features both praise and criticism.

Daily Reflection 

So in today’s reflection, ask yourself, what did I do well today? Then write down your response and/or sit for a moment to visualise and congratulate yourself. You’ll find a smile possibly spread across your face at the small wins or victories you experienced during the day. Then move on to the question, what could I have done better today? My response is often, I could have been more patient with other drivers and given way to somebody at the intersection or I could have stopped for a moment to spend a few minutes with my Mum in the sitting room rather than speeding off to my next appointment.

The beauty of self-reflection is this: even with the criticism, you have the opportunity to learn and grow from the experiences to do, think and be better next time. There is often a misconception of make-up that it simply covers over the not-so-pretty parts, when in fact, when layered correctly, make-up actually enhances one’s beauty. Similarly, self-reflection has the power to enhance your inner beauty so it can be seen in your outer behaviour, if followed and practiced regularly.

Self-reflection gives you the opportunity to learn and grow to live better next time. 

Are you ready to positively transform your life and those you meet and interact with through self-reflection?

Start today.

Drop me an email ( ) to let me know how your self-reflection has helped you this week or for more tips to live with excellence every day! 

We grow when we reflect. 

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