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Atonement for the Social Media Sin

I’m having one of those days where everything kind of sucks.

I’m having one of those weeks actually.

Ever feel like that?

I was sat in my car scrolling through Twitter and Instagram wondering why I’m not yet living the life of my dreams…the life filled with endless holidays in the sun (it is raining heavily outside) with the man of my dreams (I’m single, duh), and all the other joyous bits and pieces that make up my dream reality.

Of course, scrolling through social media is really going to put a smile on my face, right? Comparing my life to celebs, friends abroad and at home and interesting strangers is the way to happiness, right? Funny that the answer to both of those questions – particularly if you’re in a sour mood already – is almost always going to be ‘no’. Unless I look and find somebody going through a rubbish, difficult time too and then I can empathise and realise my situation isn’t as bad as it seems.

Comparing my life to celebs, friends abroad and at home and interesting strangers is the way to happiness, right?

But generally, whoever you are, you tend to show your best face on social media. We all do it. That’s why filters are prolific. We hide our worst and show our best. Is that just me, or…?

So right now, having seen everybody’s bests (and feeling maybe a teeny-tiny shreeeeed of envy) I’m sharing my worst.

I wanted to cry, but couldn’t shed a tear. Because emotionally I was (and still am) feeling rubbish, but my brain – and positive, practiced habit – overpowered my feelings. Mind over matter won. Logic defeated feeling.

Even though it feels as though everything sucks, that’s not true though, is it?

Abs, how can you cry when you know your life isn’t all that bad? You know this is just a passing moment. Even though it feels as though everything sucks, that’s not true though, is it? I mean…think about all the positive moments you’ve experienced in the past few days. Oh, you can’t think of any? Not to worry… grab your gratitude journal. That’ll remind you! (This was the conversation I was having with myself, just in case you were wondering…)

So I put my phone in my bag, turned off my car engine and raced the few steps into the dry safety of my porch (still raining), pulled out my keys and unlocked my front door. Once inside, I headed straight for my bedroom, reached into my side table and grabbed my blue smiley-face notepad.

Here’s my highlight reel of gratitude entries for the past two weeks…

  • ‘Lazy evening watching Being Mary Jane season 4.’
  • ‘Watched ‘The Kite Runner’ in theatre with Dom’
  • ‘New student signed up [at my business, Manchester Tutors] and awesome save with XXX’s tutor.’
  • Rome vlog done and dusted! Yay!’ (Watch the vlog here or below)

It’s good to remember what you’re thankful for, but it’s tough to remember to express this attitude of gratitude when you’re feeling down and out. This is why a gratitude journal is such a key tool for me on my daily walk of excellence and success.

A page filled with gratitude creates a life filled with blessings.

Without this journal to look back on today, I may have wallowed in self-pity and sadness. Instead, I can smile at the memories of a fantastic theatrical experience, and realise even though I feel overwhelmed and as though I don’t have much time to chill out or have ‘me-time’, in the past two weeks, I’ve had many trips and relaxed evenings than most. I’m thankful.

A page filled with gratitude creates a life filled with blessings. And because the universal law of attraction demands that you get what you focus on, focus on what you’re thankful for – the beautiful moments in each day – and, in time, you will receive more of those blessings.

So today, I am thankful for my gratitude journal for re-balancing me by reminding me of all my blessings. What are you thankful for?

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