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Travel Diaries: 4 Places to Visit in Munich (Munchen), Germany

What brings you most joy? 'What brings you most joy?' is a question I wrote and reflected on recently as I soaked tired and sore legs in a much-needed Epsom salt bath. Why that question? Well, I'm keen to get the most out of my life! I want to live life and live it abundantly… Continue reading Travel Diaries: 4 Places to Visit in Munich (Munchen), Germany

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Airbnb x IOC Olympic Partnership: With Thanks

Thanks to the Airbnb Athlete Travel Support Credit granted in partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the next couple of months of winter training and travel between Manchester and Loughborough and back again are covered. This is a short and sweet post to say - thanks! A little support goes a long way, so… Continue reading Airbnb x IOC Olympic Partnership: With Thanks

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The Olympic Experience – Tokyo 2021

But that's not what I want to share with you in this post; I want to give you the insider's view of the Olympic experience, including shadowing my steps from my arrival at Heathrow airport, Terminal 5 to the Team GB holding camp in Yokohama, Japan to entering the Olympic village filled with athletes from countless sports and nations across the world and my first look at the incredible stadium - devoid of people, but filled with the weight of expectation and thick with the anticipation of competitors, coaches and citizens of Japan, volunteering to guide, encourage and cheer us on. Are you ready? It's a long read...

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Cairo, Egypt – Travel Diaries

Egypt would never have been my first choice of off-season holiday destination. My vision for this final trip before returning to a hard winter of training was sun and relaxation. And Egypt didn’t seem like the best destination to achieve this.  But, honestly, I got all I wanted with the bonus of a new cultural… Continue reading Cairo, Egypt – Travel Diaries

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Competition 1 Debrief: Paavo Nurmi Games, Turku Finland

Fuelled by positive media write-ups Did you see these two articles written by the Finnish media about me the day preceding the Paavo Nurmi Games, Turku? It may sound odd, but reading these gave me a confidence-boost despite the interrupted preparation. Because it made me think, well, if they want to share my story with… Continue reading Competition 1 Debrief: Paavo Nurmi Games, Turku Finland


Things to Do In Ireland – The Stairway to Heaven

I spent last week in Belfast, Northern Ireland. But one of the trip highlights actually took us a few hours' drive out of Belfast to Cuilcagh, Ireland. So, I guess I can add this to my travel diaries, right? Read on for a funny rundown of events on the the 15km, 3.5 hour mountain trail walk.


3 Travel Tips to Increase Your Hand Luggage Allowance + Travel Essentials!

UK lockdown rules are loosening, airports are open and holiday travel abroad is now allowed! It's been a while so read on for travel tips on what to pack and how to get the most out of your ever-limited cabin bag allowance from a frequent flyer.

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Perks of Training with a Team: Stellenbosch with British Athletics

I recently shared my thoughts on the perks of training alone.   So now, let me give my two-pence on probably the preferred alternative - training with a complete, holistic coaching team.   Aston Moore has thankfully taken over the in-person coaching role that I clearly so desperately needed (but didn’t realise I did). Being… Continue reading Perks of Training with a Team: Stellenbosch with British Athletics


The Gambia – Travel Diaries 2019

Day 1 - Welcome to The Gambia Passengers arriving on the 6 hour flight from London Gatwick to Banjul Airport were greeted at the airport with songs, dance and drums. What a welcome! Thank you, The Gambian Experience for the warm welcome. And to top it all off, at the end of the day, as… Continue reading The Gambia – Travel Diaries 2019