Visit Budapest – Spas, Culture & History

For a low-cost, truly remarkable weekend break, visit Budapest. Here, you'll find delicious dining (future post), steaming spas, culture and history. Visit Budapest... for a beautiful balance of relaxation and recreation. Purchase a bus tour ticket from the many city operators, walk through the picturesque districts of Buda and Pest regularly snapping selfies with iconic... Continue Reading →

5 Fun Things to do in Chester

I visited Chester with my three younger sisters last Sunday (a week today) and we enjoyed such an incredible adventure together. I love days like these where positive, loving memories are made and at very little financial cost too  (bonus!). The journey was probably just less than a 100-mile round trip and the activities' prices... Continue Reading →

Hasta Luego, Marbella!

"Hasta luego, Marbella!"  I'll be back to visit you VERY soon! As I'm taxiing out on this inaugural Easyjet flight from Gibraltar to Manchester, I can't help but begin to reflect on one of my most beautiful week-long holidays ever. Neither pictures nor words can ever do an experience justice - unless you're an incredible... Continue Reading →

Find the Silver Lining & Fly Happy

I always thought every long(ish) haul flight had a TV screen. But apparently not if you fly on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia. It’s about 4 and a half hours, yet NO TV screen. Thankfully I’ve a fully-charged laptop, and with the screen dimmed to absolute minimum brightness, I’ve just managed to... Continue Reading →

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