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Perks of Training with a Team: Stellenbosch with British Athletics

I recently shared my thoughts on the perks of training alone.


So now, let me give my two-pence on probably the preferred alternative – training with a complete, holistic coaching team.


Aston Moore has thankfully taken over the in-person coaching role that I clearly so desperately needed (but didn’t realise I did). Being on this trip allowed me to see that.


Many events, one sport 

You know when you are upset or frustrated and you don’t know why and then somebody hands you a Snickers bar and you take a bite and suddenly all is well and perfect? Well, I’m sure you’ve seen the advert anyway.


I liken my training regime to that. Maybe I thought I was doing okay. But perhaps I was surviving, not thriving.


And you may think, how is that possible when you jumped a lifetime best, finished the number one Brit and top ten on the track and field women’s long jump world rankings in 2019?!


Or you probably don’t even know any of those facts, but you’re aware it was a good year – my best yet!

But, imagine what I could do with wise eyes and ears supporting me on a daily (warm weather training in Stellenbosch and future camps) or at least a weekly (when I’m back in the UK) basis?


So, anyway. We’ve worked on a few things – deconstructed and reconstructed. But not too much. It’s a good thing and a bad thing.


It’s good because there are so many areas to improve on.


It’s bad because…there are so many areas to improve on! And that’s scary.


But, we forge ahead.


And it’s great being able to train with a good team around me – coaching and therapy.


It was an absolute bonus having trackside therapy again – something I had gotten used to and reaped the benefits of over my two years training in Phoenix, Arizona at Altis (previously the World Athletics Centre when I joined in October 2014). Coincidently (or not), my joining date was also the exact month and year (October 2014) I started this blog site. Time flies, huh. 


Anyway, these are just a few thoughts on the perks of warm weather training camps with a team, this one being with British Athletics.

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