Never Give Up?

I absolutely love these Baby Yoda memes.

I have watched only one episode of The Mandelorian (I think it’s called). Adam made me. And I absolutely didn’t get it or find it interesting.

But these memes…these memes are certainly relatable.

We’ve all been there, right?

That’s what these memes showcase – a life experience virtually every single one of us has experienced or will eventually experience at some time in our lives.

This one makes me laugh, though because motivating is my job. Kind of. It’s certainly part of my purpose in some form or other.

The tagline to my website has the word “motivate” or “motivational” in it. So, yea. I feel like it’s what I do.

So what’s the point in this short blog post?

Well, to share that sometimes I am the motivational speaker saying “Never give up!” But at other times I am “me”, Baby Yoda, face down in the dirt, wrapped in a blue blanket, hiding from the world whispering, “leave me alone”.

Can you relate?

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