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You can’t do lunch without one of these!

I’ve wanted a new one of these ever since the reverse Exodus*.

And then my mind wanders…

‘Just ten minutes. Just ten minutes and you can go and watch ‘Emerald City’ with the family.’

That’s what happens sometimes.

Sometimes I’m super focused and in this flow state that seems to last for days or even weeks.

And other times, I’m like this: busy. Too busy to sit down and prioritise blogging.

Because, honestly, as much as I love blogging my thoughts and experiences (emotions and all), I realise sometimes I just cannot put this love first.

I have other loves to prioritise:

  • God
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Career
  • Figuring out my career
  • Health & fitness (mental, physical)
  • Church
  • Etc.

(I think ‘blog’ comes under ‘etc.’.)

I advocate for small chunks consistently, but even that can become a stretch!

Why? Distractions and procrastination. At other times, it’s a lack of flow or a lack of inspiration.

Still other times, I have something to write about; I just don’t know how to put words together to make a piece sound interesting or comprehensible.

I’m a lass who needs structure, but also spontaneity.

I need fun and laughter with friends, but also silence and solitude.

And I guess we are all like that – balanced, yet unbalanced; erring between one state and another.

I want to write for ten minutes, but I’m – again – losing focus and trend of thought.

So let me take you back to the original thought…

I’ve wanted a new one of these ever since the reverse Exodus*.

Smash Enterprises Ladies’ Lunch Bag! £10

By ‘these’ I’m referring to my newest purchase – a ladies’ lunch bag with insulated inner case!

I feel like I should title this post, you know you’re in your late-twenties when…

Anyway, it was a tenner (£10) from Sainsburys. I thought it was well worth the price. That’s one perk. Another is that I no longer have to carry around used plastic carrier bags that are unfriendly to the environment and probably not that sanitary. At least this bag can be reused without harming the environment and it has a ‘food safe wipe clean lining’. What more does a woman need?

Most importantly, it’s the first bag I’ve seen that will actually fit a day’s worth of food and snacks in it; yet looks fashionable and a happy-medium for my needs, i.e. not too big, not too small.

In summary: perfect.

If you’re sold, pick one up here (Smash Enterprises).

P.s. This may sound like a sponsored post, but it isn’t! It’s simply a perfect purchase!

*The reverse Exodus refers to my harrowing journey from what I had considered my ‘Promised Land’ in Phoenix – a land flowing with milk and honey abundance and joy – back home to dreary, rainy, freezing, snowy, confusing Britain! *sobs* Basically, in the rush to leave, I left a gazillion and one things in sunny Phoenix, including lots of clothes, shoes and a functional lunch bag!

Well, at least finding this lunch bag helps retrieve one left-behind!

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