Your Every day Breakthrough

I promised an achilles tendon rehab update at the end of the month, and it is officially the beginning of November tomorrow…*Pinch, punch, first of the month!*

To be honest, if I could draw you a graph of my progress since my last update here, it would seem as though my incredible progress has flat-lined.

But that isn’t the case.

I guess I’ll simply use this post to quickly reiterate what my Pastor (Glyn Barrett of Audacious Church, Manchester) recently preached on in church – the power of the ‘every day’ – because it is incredibly significant to me and you right now.

What you do each day with consistency has an incredible impact on your future – whether that be positive or negative.

At least three times a week, I hit the gym and follow the rehab program I’ve been sharing with you here and via my YouTube channel here.

Once per day, five or six days per week, I do 3 sets of 12 single leg calf raises, simply because my achilles needs that load to get stronger.

So, although I may still be following the same rehab program I posted in my last post, and the current progress is incremental, I have faith that my every day will lead to a ‘one day’ breakthrough moment.

It happened in 2012 where my 6 am weight-training schedule and late night sprint sessions, and early Saturday morning jumps’ sessions culminated in one magnificent, world-class, top-ten in the world long jump performance.

It happened in 2016 only a few weeks ago where my every day (sometimes dull and monotonous) rehab program, 3-day heavy loading schedule and other integral pieces of my rehab and fitness program were consistently done. After the mundane every day, I experienced my breakthrough ‘one day’ and I ran again for the first time in over 5 months; I ran freely.

And you know what my next target is, right? *Watch this space*

What are you doing every day?

Are your daily practices going to contribute to your future success?

Please check out my YouTube channel here ( ) for more information about my achilles tendon rehab journey, motivational, recovery and fitness tips.

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