My Bonfire Night Ft. Guy Fawkes

Last night at Audacious young adults Bonfire Night gathering #TheBelonging

Remember, remember the 5th of November. 

Guy Fawkes tried to bomb the Houses Of Parliament 212 years ago on the 5th November. His lack of success was rewarded with a punishment befitting the crime of treason: he was hung, drawn and quartered. (Don’t Google that!)

So every year us Brits (or at least us English people) celebrate the victory of this plot being uncovered with explosions – fireworks and bonfires. Ironic, really!

In the past few days, I’ve seen more fireworks, attended more bonfires and toasted more marshmallows than I have in many years. It’s been marvelous!

Why? Because I’ve been spending tons of time with much-loved friends, keeping warm by big fires in the cold wintry Autumn weather, and making new memories with beautiful souls.

What exciting activities have you been up to lately?

At Heaton Park on Bonfire Night (5 Nov 2016) with lil sister & some international students
Can you see Guy Fawkes being burned on the pyre?

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