Always save your work. Doh!

I’ve just finished writing a piece of promotional material for the first AMPLIFY Peak Performance business workshop in December. My laptop shut down because the battery is having problems right now. And the file and all those hours of work are lost. It was literally about 250-300 words. But it was 250-300 words of gold! Because it is always harder to whittle my words down to the fewest that pack the biggest punch than to write 1,000 words of blah. And now I must start again.

Frustration. That’s the feeling right now.

But I’m sure there’s a lesson in the midst of this annoyance somewhere.

Time to dig deep again and get going on 250-300 more words of gold.

Maybe my memory will serve me well today for once…

Or maybe still – looking on the bright side – I will come up with something even more inspired and engaging.

You can let me know when I eventually get it re-written and published!

That was my ‘doh’ moment of the day. If you’ve had a similarly disappointing ‘doh’ moment recently, what was it and how did you respond?

I'd love to hear what you think! Please leave a reply.

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