Unstuck. Moving Forward.

It's been a while. I had nothing to say before, but now I think I do. Back in a Team GB & NI vest for the third time this year, I can't believe the complete u-turn my athletics career has taken over the past 12 months. For an update, check out past posts. But I'm... Continue Reading →

18 Questions to Ask to Stay Focused & Keep Growing – The Answers

Week Review: 1st Jan to 7th Jan 2018 What did I learn? This week I learned: the hardest part is getting started. Once you get going, the momentum will carry you through to the finish and you’ll feel much lighter, happier and victorious for having started and finished! I have been putting off writing a... Continue Reading →

I dare you.

I dared to challenge myself, for the second time in two years, to a reading challenge. I've been useless at updating my stats on Goodreads, but I've recorded it on my own personal journal, and I will be writing monthly/bi-monthly/sporadic book reviews on each book I read, like the ones I wrote in the past... Continue Reading →

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