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It’s Competition Time!

I compete tomorrow for the first time in nine months. How do I feel? Nervous.  But then again… because the science tells me the physiological response my body has to the label "nervous" or "nerves" is the same as to the label "excitement" or "excited", I drop the nerves and pick up excitement only. (NLP… Continue reading It’s Competition Time!

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2022 Part 1: Disappointment and Shame

This second wind of my athletics career was supposed to be smooth sailing, but 2022 has proven that expected truth to be a complete fallacy. In 2018 (my first comeback year post-achilles tendon rupture and mini retirement) I jumped 6.60m+ to qualify by distance for the European Championships in Berlin that year. Unfortunately, at the… Continue reading 2022 Part 1: Disappointment and Shame

AMPLIFY, Olympic Games


I'M GOING TO TOKYO! I'M GOING TO BE AN OLYMPIAN! Ah! Glad I've got that off my chest! How does it feel to be selected to represent Team GB at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games? A relief. I don’t yet feel the excitement everybody seems to be feeling around me. I'm not buzzing or over… Continue reading MY OLYMPIC UPDATE: WE MADE IT!

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Clap For Yourself: It’s Okay to Applaud YOU

Do you ever wish you could celebrate yourself the way kids do at every single achievement - big or small?! I was at the hairdressers this week and one of the women in the shop saw her son do something that obviously warranted celebration because she kept repeating this phrase with incredible enthusiasm: 'Clap for yourself. Clap for yourself!' When was the last time you clapped for yourself like this?

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Emotional Cathartic Release in 5 Minutes

So yesterday I got over a three-day hump in five minutes. The relief and restoration was so unreal, that I wanted to share in case you’re also in a slump that you’re struggling to get out of. Record, Write or Draw Your Feelings Share your heart – on screen or not. Record yourself. You can… Continue reading Emotional Cathartic Release in 5 Minutes

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Positive Powerful Affirmations for Tough Times 

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".  Those were the first words that came to my mind when I was feeling slightly stressed and overwhelmed by the enormity of life recently. Whether you work a 9 to 5 or attend college or university for sporadic hours throughout the week; whether you're… Continue reading Positive Powerful Affirmations for Tough Times 


You Can Overcome ANY Obstacle

“Very inspiring and helpful [teaching  me] how to become a better version of myself.” “I learned a lot of valuable and helpful skills…to achieve my aspirations.” “Genuinely very helpful.” “Very interesting and relatable.” “Showed me that I can overcome any obstacle.” That last comment made my spirit soar! How about yours? Did you know you can… Continue reading You Can Overcome ANY Obstacle