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Emotional Cathartic Release in 5 Minutes

So yesterday I got over a three-day hump in five minutes.

The relief and restoration was so unreal, that I wanted to share in case you’re also in a slump that you’re struggling to get out of.

Record, Write or Draw Your Feelings

Share your heart – on screen or not. Record yourself. You can do this on video, audio or written format. Or if you prefer – draw what you’re feeling. Get it all out. That’s the important thing. 

And then listen, read or view it back. 

Identify Your ONE Feeling

What words stand out to you?

Even as you are writing, drawing or speaking you may realise the stand-out words or phrases, colours or shapes. 

This time round, my word was GUILT. 

Ask WHY?

Why guilt?

Well, because I had so many questions surrounding me?

I felt guilty for being unmotivated. 

I felt guilty for then allowing that lack of motivation to manifest in a breaking of a commitment – the commitment to train no matter what.

I felt guilty for then still being seen – in my mind – as someone who has maintained their commitment and motivation so well during this pandemic (because in that moment I hadn’t!)

I therefore felt guilty for having this unreal presentation of who I am.

I felt guilty for letting myself down.

I felt guilty for feeling sad when life was good – particularly relative to so many people who have lost loved ones, are struggling financially, etc. 

I have my health, my family and friends are well, I still have at least one monthly pay cheque coming in. 

Label, Name & Shame

So I guess I let that guilt overwhelm me because I didn’t name and shame it. 

There’s so much power in labelling your feelings and calling it out. 

But how can you label a feeling that you’re unaware of? How can you label something you haven’t even identified yet?

And that’s what was also eating me up – ‘I’m emotional and sad’, I said. ‘But I don’t know why.’ 

And that put me in an even lower place. Like, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I identify this feeling?

And in the same breath, the tears would start to roll out and I’d wipe them away and stop the catharsis. 

So I’m glad that my catharsis came in words and not tears. Because the words (especially that ONE word) had power and blew my low mood completely away. 

I hope this helps you or someone you know today too.

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