7. Your WHY - Purpose, AMPLIFY

Tuesday Thoughts #1 – How to beat frustration & fatigue!

It takes me TWO HOURS to drive to training.

I currently take this journey twice a week, so that’s a total of EIGHT HOURS of travel within the space of three days.

I dread the journey every single time. But I still do it.


The destination is worth it! The value that I experience when training on a track with a coach (Aston Moore) in Loughborough is truly worth its weight in gold.

How about you?

Is the journey that you’re taking worth it? And when you’re faced with a joyless journey, do you keep going or do you quit?

Image: Abigail Irozuru wearing Adidas Running Collection in the garden

Maybe you’re asking, “Abigail, why don’t you just train at the track by your house – literally a 10-minute drive away?”

Why bother with the longer journey?

Maybe you’re asking yourself that very same question – why bother?

If you are asking that question, keep reading.

The journey finds its value in the destination.

Yes, we can discover growth and joy within the journey; in fact, it would be remiss of us to go on long journeys without cultivating both along the way.

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But sometimes, the journey is so long it becomes monotonous and filled with frustration.

That’s the point I reached yesterday. Just…over it! (Similar to how I felt about training in the park, as opposed to a track, a few weeks ago – watch video below for 5 minutes of encouragement.)

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So why did I still choose to get in my car and do the 4-hour round-trip that day, and why will I continue to do the same thing tomorrow?

The same reason I encourage you to keep going – the destination, the goal, the outcome is worth it.

For me, the immediate, short-term gain at the destination was training with a coach who could provide me with immediate, valuable feedback that will improve my technique and confidence.

In turn, this short-term destination-gain of valuable coaching feedback then creates a long-term gain of improved performances, bigger distances, more international teams, shiny medals and podium positions!

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How can this relate to you right now?

For context, I am writing this in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The nation and most nations across the world have shutdown.

A ‘lockdown’ has led to significant economic downturn, particularly in the UK. People are losing jobs, homes and more.

Maybe you’re a business-owner who has had to shut-up shop and you’re trying to figure out creative ways to stay afloat, perhaps taking your business online. The journey of creating something new and valuable can be tough and repetitive, but keep going – the destination will be worth it.

My small business – Manchester Tutors

Maybe you’re an athlete wondering, what’s the point in training when the short-term goal of an Olympic Games or European Championships…or any summer 2020 season at all has shifted? Keep going, keep pushing – the destination will be worth it.


If the journey is feeling joyless and frustrating right now and the destination is worth it, I want to encourage you to keep going.

And one of the best ways to encourage yourself is to encourage another.

So why not reach out to someone in your life who you know is struggling too?

Ask them to share their hopes and dreams, their goals and ambitions with you – and you do the same with them. Maybe even share this post with them, too!

In this way you’ll both be reminded of the why behind the what, and that’s often a sure-fire way to regain your motivation.

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