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How Britain’s Best Athletes Define Success

18 athletes, coaches and their high performance team consultants feature in this latest episode of the Define Your Success podcast that was released on Tuesday 10th January 2023.

The aim is weekly releases each Tuesday, featuring in-depth conversations with Britain’s best athletes – Olympians, Paralympians and their High Performance Teams.

I also have guests that may be a little out of the box of the above realms, but are nonetheless excellent at their craft and therefore worth listening to for wisdom on how to excel in work and life.

Success is…

Living and speaking your truth.’ – Jodie Williams

‘Success is not really what we do in an earthly sense; but a spiritual sense. I truly believe it is living in accordance with our purpose and what God has called us to do. It’s easy to live by vanity metrics, likes and money and all the stuff the world gives us. But that’s not true success. True success is what we are doing as disciples and how we’re living the word of God and how we can align that with the calling He has on us, through whatever career that is. And if we’re accomplishing that well and succeeding in that way, that’s the definition of success. ‘

Cindy Sember (nee Ofili) – quote from August 2020

Putting myself in a position to support my family now and my future family.‘ – Ben Williams

Previous topics have covered:

  • nutrition, especially relating to female athletes and how their menstrual cycles can affect performance and how nutrition can support performance and wellness in this way;
  • strength and conditioning, for the elite sportsperson and for the recreational lifter. You’ll find out how your best performances measure against the top sprinters and power athletes in the UK and may even learn a small bit about jiu jitsu and music!
  • pregnancy in sport – being a rainbow mom, how to work your way back to full fitness, losing the baby weight healthily and bucking the previously-long-standing myth that you cannot be a mother and a high performer (particularly in sport). Yes – Serena has shown us this is possible, but I love that Tiffany demonstrates this well, too. And YESTERDAY Tiffany announced the wonderful news that she is pregnant with her second baby! Head over to her Instagram to find out more!
  • retirement from sport – the grief of losing your ‘identity’ and finding your way back to you again; rediscovering other passions; the highs and lows of sport and the adventures that it allows you to go on.

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The latest episode is an unusual format, but one I believe will energise us for the year ahead.

Future episodes will be back to conversations interspersed with solo slices of inspiration and equipping to fill the gaps!

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