Positive Mantras For Champions 

Consistency before the breakthrough.”

I woke up this morning and whilst wading through the mundane and monotonous of life, this mantra popped in to my head. This is a quote I first heard during an interview with Mikel Thomas, 3x Olympic 110 metre hurdler (read his story for some motivation/inspiration!) I’m not sure whether he coined this, but the words immediately struck a chord because there is so much truth in them.

So many athletes achieve the same performance-standard race after race, competition after competition, and this frustrates them. Mikel’s quote should give them hope that soon that big breakthrough performance will occur. It happened to him, it’s happened to me and it will certainly happen to them and you too! Persevere in your consistency.

Do not tire of doing good, for in the right time you will reap a good harvest.” Galatians 6:9

Head shots and new building

So many people quit just before the good stuff! But I believe your breakthrough is on the other side of your ‘breaking point’. You’re still breathing, right? So get up and keep going!

“The best is yet to come!”

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog over the past few months you’ll know I used this powerful affirmation to perk me up following my most recent injury setback. I wrote about the best is yet to come’ here. This gives me hope that even though life is/was on a major downer, that can change in a heartbeat. Another amazing thing about this phrase: when I think or say these words I automatically then think, “what 3 things can I do today to create my better tomorrow?” Because it is your actions today that determine your results tomorrow. If they are positive and enriching you’ll have a positive and enriching future. The reverse is also true! So today, make your actions great!

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