Love like it’s your last day on earth

I'm on page 1 of the first chapter of the book, 'Courageous Leadership' by Bill Hybels and I'm already compelled and inspired to blog. This book is certainly going to be a transformative one! Bill just mentioned a day that changed the world - the day the Twin Towers fell, 11th September 2001. The words:... Continue Reading →

Love. London. Law.

I’m reminded of how much I absolutely adore London, this beautiful capital city, every time I’m back. Recently I’ve been thinking about completely escaping my ‘old’ life (since I’m no longer on that good ole’ Road to Rio). Which means I want to get as far away from the world I know asap! Included in... Continue Reading →

Love Does

My weekend felt like a career low! Love and joy were replaced by fear and failure. Thankfully, yesterday reminded me of 'Love' the verb and how to successfully action it everyday. ... In the morning, I threw my beloved tea pot away because the lid had disappeared or been broken or both. Somebody must have seen... Continue Reading →

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