Love Does

My weekend felt like a career low! Love and joy were replaced by fear and failure.

Thankfully, yesterday reminded me of ‘Love’ the verb and how to successfully action it everyday.

In the morning, I threw my beloved tea pot away because the lid had disappeared or been broken or both. Somebody must have seen this. When I returned home later that evening, another tea pot – not the most attractive aesthetically, but nonetheless beautiful because it was brought out for me with love – was sitting lovingly on the kitchen counter.

In the afternoon, after praying & praising through the pain of disappointment, a comforting hug arrived in the form of an unexpected gift. Precious, delicate, and my favourite flowers – orchids. They were sent from a friend who lives over 300 miles away. That’s love in action.

In the evening, after having such an incredibly productive day of wealth Creation ideas & actions, athletics training, fruitful meetings, and pursuing my passion, love found me. I sat down and indulged in focused modern day tech communications with friends and family. They had my full attention. I WhatsApped, Snapchatted, tweeted and checked Instagram and Facebook. I acted on the need to switch-off for a while & connect with my loved ones. That’s self-love in motion.

At bed time (close to 2am …yuck!) I couldn’t let go of the joy & peace in my heart. God is good. This day’s experiences of love were too good not to share, so I turned thoughts into words. And I hope this act inspires you to love loud today!

Want to create a smile? Share your love moments and actions in the comments below.

It’s amazing how recognising & being thankful for these love moments – no matter how ‘small’ and ‘insignificant’ – can keep a smile on your face even in the midst of adversity.

Today and this week: Let your love be a light in the darkness for yourself and others.

God bless you!


2 thoughts on “Love Does”

  1. Sometimes for me the best love feeling is when i can make someone else smile or feel better. But those orchids were a great gift of love and surely made you feel better. Sorry about the bad weekend 🙁

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