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Indoor Athletics Competition Schedule

Stockholm to Glasgow to Sheffield

I never usually bother to publicise my competition schedules for a couple of reasons.

One. I used to be nervous I may get injured and have to pull out and then everybody would know!

Two. I got bothered by people researching results and then finding out IF I performed badly.

Three. Nobody really cares that much anyway.

So why the change of heart?

One. I am managing my body so much better now than ever before.

  • Nutrition and hydration. CHECK.
  • Rest and recovery. CHECK.
  • Physiotherapy and massage input. CHECK.
  • Self-therapy. CHECK.
  • Self-talk. CHECK.
  • Contingency planning. CHECK.

Two. I am letting go of irrational injury fears and ‘what if’ performing badly scenarios. I’m confident in my level of skill right now and the fact God has got me. Training at Altis (formerly the World Athletics Centre) has massively improved my mental resilience (read about it here) and confidence to enter competitions and know I can compete consistently at a world-class standard.

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Three. You guys care! I promised my beautiful, regular readers a Road to Rio Olympic Games 2016 series, and I have been slacking on keeping you all up-to-date!

TV/Online viewing schedule:

Event Date Viewing
Stockholm IAAF World Series Wednesday 17th February 2016 Swedish TV
Glasgow IAAF World Series Saturday 20th February 2016 BBC One from 1pm GMT & online for UK Viewers
Sheffield UK National Championships & World Indoor Trials Sunday 28th February 2016 ? I will update when I know!


World Indoor Championships – Portland, Oregon – March 17th – 20th 2016 –

WLJ Final: 18h55 (18th March) 

Thank you for your patience and interest.


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