How to Start Over: A Fresh (Mid-) February

Start all over again…no matter what! That’s the easiest way to start again after a couple of weeks away from anything.

I’ve been away from my blog now for over two weeks ‘because I don’t have time’.

But everybody knows TIME is not the real issue here – rather it is my level of commitment.

Perfectly-timed as ever, you should check out my popular post on ‘8 Simple Time Management Tips’ if you really feel you cannot manage your time effectively!

We are all guilty of the ‘lack of time’ myth. So here’s a handy tip that I often try to remember and apply myself:

Replace: ‘I don’t have time’ with ‘I am not willing to commit my time to this activity/person.’

So for the past week I will hold my hands up to admit this…

I chose to use my TIME to…

  1. Sleep (essential post-training, pre-training and general-life recovery!)
  2. Train (for my Road to Rio 2016 Olympic Journey)
  3. Eat (for muscle synthesis and general energy)
  4. Network and connect at outside functions (to develop my business, meet fabulous individuals and be inspired and educated further)
  5. Read (for learning, enjoyment, guidance, inspiration…)

A Fresh Mid-February Time-Commitment

For the next couple of weeks, I will recommit to writing at least 3 times a week and uploading an update of my post: January 3rd challenge along with all the book reviews that accompany it! But I won’t be blogging for blogging’s sake – only if I have something newsworthy/inspiring/informative/educational/funny (clearly anything goes!) to share with my readers.

What will you be recommitting to doing with your time for the latter part of February 2016?
Did anybody do anything special/noteworthy this St. Valentine’s Day? Please share in the comments below!

Thanks for sticking with me!

God bless you.


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