Love. London. Law.

I’m reminded of how much I absolutely adore London, this beautiful capital city, every time I’m back.

Recently I’ve been thinking about completely escaping my ‘old’ life (since I’m no longer on that good ole’ Road to Rio). Which means I want to get as far away from the world I know asap! Included in my list of possible escape destinations have been Australia and…that’s it really. Because Australia is as far away as I know.

But now I’ve just spent a sprint vacay in lovely London, I’m suddenly doing the maths.

What job would pay me enough to allow me to live comfortably in this city I love?

How much would I need to earn to be able to afford accommodation (with one or no roommates) and not have to eat pot noodles or crappy carb-only meals like pasta and rice for the rest of my existence?

And so now I’m contemplating a rapid return to my first love – Law.

Waddya think?

I’ll let you know how my search goes for my next dream job. Hopefully this one will allow me to pay off the humongous debt the last dream threw me into.

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